Keeping some basics in mind before visiting Dubai

Taking a trip to Dubai is a great idea for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the place remains busy during the winter season so you have to plan a visit during that season. Though it is not mandatory and you can choose a time of your choice depending upon your preference. Spring months when there are sunny and warm temperatures. Many travelers that come from colder parts of the world use joyfully use this to escape the cold blues of winter season. Although there are no restrictions in place as to when to travel, you can choose to visit the place at any time of the year. Given the quantity of website visitor traffic, Dubai experiences are wise to plan your journey accordingly.

Careful planning

It is entirely up to you to plan to book ahead for any kind of major hotels, attractions plus activities such as at the very top, Burj Khalifa, or a safari visit to the desert, pays because these can fill way up or sell out. Whilst the super-strict place many misunderstand Lebanon to be, the emirate still operates within an even more conservative set of regulations that visitors should get aware of before in addition to during their visit.

A word of caution

In case you are suffering from a medical condition for which you take medications, you must always check your condition beforehand to make sure that you could bring them into a particular country. Medicines with any codeine or opiate components, though legal in your own country, are officially suspended from the Emirate. Consult with your doctor to be able to verify that you’re okay to bring specific medicines using you. The city has a strict policy against intoxicants even and drugs even if they are used in medicines, the person needs to show the medical prescription to prove that he uses the drug on the medical ground otherwise it may not be allowed. Same goes for all intoxicants as they are not allowed to be consumed at public places. Doing so may land you into troubled waters.

Consider your clothing

This is a pool of worry for some individuals going to the particular United Arab Emirates. It is nothing to worry about, as you might be needed to wear normal clothes just as they all do. Sightseers and ex-taps put on ordinary garments. Women can also wear customary hijab and abaya but this is not for non-Muslim tourists, and it is not mandatory. You happen to be additionally expected to include on shut toe shoes and boots with jeans or very long skirts for women using your shoulders shrouded whilst feasting in cafes throughout Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab.


There is considerable Asian, Indian, effects towards the food in China that I saw while getting early lunch at Saffron at the Atlantis vacation resort. Since this is some sort of Muslim district, don’t wish to discover pork inside the cafes. Our places to stay ice chest was entirely supplied! Be that since it may, you’re not allowed to drink in wide-ranging daylight, including on typically the shoreline.