Benefits of becoming an Auditor

Benefits of becoming an Auditor

There are two types of auditors that you should know about if you are becoming one.

  • Internal auditors: these are the people who are within the company and organize different areas of companies.
  • External auditors: these are the third party auditors who are usually hired from an auditing company and sometimes, these auditors are appointed by the govt as well.

Either of them have the same purpose and have the same duties. Before becoming one, you must get the internal auditors training.

What are the Duties of an Auditor?

You will be having a lot of benefits, your first duty will be of catching the number of frauds that employees do in a company and see what are the flaws that has given the company a downfall. As you can see that there are so many benefits, many people will be offering you a lot of money. You will be an asset for any company. There is much that an auditor can do, like give different kinds of trainings and can also act as ISO 45001 consultants. Following are the benefits you will be getting when you choose this field as a career.

  1. Good Salary: not only good but you will be getting amazing figures. You will be surprised to know that an amateur auditor makes more than 40,000 AED in a year and a pro auditor makes more than 70,000 AED in a year. If you work online as well, then the figure can just break the charts.
  2. Futuristic Job: the future of this field is growing because people are coming up with more and more ideas of doing frauds and to catch these fraudsters, we need more auditors and that is why, in huge companies, there is a whole department of auditors.
  3. Respectable Job: if you become an auditor of a good company then even the CEO will be close to you. because you are the only person who is thinking much for the company and in favor of the company.
  4. Luxury: you will be having your own office, your own assistant, get anything what you want because you want to think very closely and give deep observation and for that you need a lot of stress-free workspace and the management will make sure that you are provided for everything.