Responsibilities and duties of safety professionals

Responsibilities and duties of safety professionals

Being a safety professional you job is not easy because the entire firms or companies life is in your hand. You have to provide the safety measurements to the employees. You have to determine the best was to the prevention of any accident and unfortunately if something happened wrong you should know that how to handle the situation. You have to do your best for the safety of the employees. You have to make a plan for the security on daily basis which is not easy to do on daily basis because every day is not a same day. Before getting this job you have to do iosh training in UAE and ISO training courses in Dubai is not easy after doing this course you have to get license for this job and have to prove that you are best for this job. And can perform your duties in well manner.

We need know about the responsibilities and duties of the safety professionals that how they perform on the site.


The simple responsibility of safety professional is simple to keep the employees safe from any accident, and keep the company safe and assets of the company, and also provide good security for the surrounding people of the company who are living nearby your company that they should not be complain about the environmental issues. We know that every day is new day and on new day you have to manage everything differently. The huge responsibility are so many but they have to do also environmental activities and their duties can affect the employees,govement agencies, safety planning, and surrounding community. So the safety professional should be professional in their work.

  • To create and review the plans about safety.
  • To provide the training to all employees for their own safety.
  • To observe the things and make the documentary evidence about it.
  • Analyze the things who related to the safety data.
  • Manage the incidents and make report about these incidents.
  • To maintain the government and company compliance.
  • To prevent the workplace from the hazards.
  • To create the sustainable laws for the betterment of the environment.
  • To help the employees for their health and make them learn about the healty and unhealthy activities.

With these practices you can enhance the productivity of your company.